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Dukan Diet – Attack Phase

Dukan Diet – Attack Phase

The Dukan diet has been very successful with millions of people and the attack phase is where you will lose the most weight, which will encourage you to continue with the diet. This diet was introduced by Dr Dukan, who realised that dieting is a struggle that is won with the mind as much as with the body.

If people are going to change their eating habits to lose weight they need to see a difference in their body size as early as possible. For people to succeed with a diet, they needed to lose weight within the first few days. This will spur them on and help them to stick with the diet and benefit over the long term.

Dukan Diet: Fast Weight Loss

For a diet to succeed, fast weight loss early as mentioned above is essential. As soon as you start this diet you will start to lose weight.

The great thing about this is that you will not feel hungry as you will be eating food that is high in protein and relatively low in calories for the first week to ten days varikosette. Meat such as chicken and tuna will help you to feel full and you will lose a lot of weight even within three days.

Dukan Diet: Attack Phase

The attack phase is a great description, it helps to project the right image in your mind black latte kopen. With a positive mindset, you will be able to overcome the thought of giving up some of your favourite foods. Many people say that they have lost as much as four pounds within three days.

That will give you a wonderful feeling of achievement, just the thing you need to help you stick at your diet and reap the long term benefits. Once you have achieved your first goal: success with the attack phase you will be confident to start on the cruise phase

This allows you to relax slightly, as you are allowed to eat vegetables on alternate days black latte cijena. This helps you to consolidate the success you have achieved in the attack phase.

In a way the cruise phase is closely related to the attack phase because it is within the first two weeks that most dieters give up on their diets, but if you have been successful in the attack phase and manage to last through at least seven days of the cruise phase you are well on the way to success with the Dukan diet.

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