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Coconut Oil on Stretch Marks

Coconut Oil on Stretch Marks

Many people had discovered that coconut oil on stretch marks will effectively remove the marks on the skin. Stretch marks are classified as abnormalities in the skin, which is due to many factors such as hormonal changes during pregnancy, weight gain or weight loss, and so many other factors.

Our skin is like elastic fibres, that when these elastic fibres within our epidermis are damaged, it will appear as marks. Most women discover coconut oil for stretch marks during pregnancy where, when the baby develops inside the uterus, the skin stretches and appear as marks outside. Also, women can see these coconut oil cellulite marks at their puberty when their hips start to get the shape, as well with their breasts and thighs. In men, these marks would be normally seen in the arms and thigh, where they do excessive bodybuilding exercises.

Why coconut oil is good for stretch marks?

In most cases, a hormonal change due to weight gain is also one factor that causes stretch marks. Many obese persons have seen stretch marks around their belly button, back and buttocks. According to medical research, weight gain is not to blame, but it is due to hormonal changes during weight gain which affects directly the hormone which is in the skin. Our skin is composed of connective tissue fibres. When we are still at our younger years, our skin feels smooth, elastic and supple. But as we grow, these tissue fibres are subjected to hormonal changes in our body and are exposed free-radicals, which skin loses its strength and its ability to hold itself together and eventually results to stretch marks. So, applying products that contain vitamin E restores our skin and helps it regenerate throughout. Many had considered applying coconut oil on stretch marks because it has considerable amounts of vitamin E which aids the skin fibres from breaking and ageing.

With great research in medicine, specifically in dermatology, stretch marks can be now removed with coconut oil applied marks φυσικη αντιμετωπιση ρυτιδων ματιων. Many products and treatments in the cosmetic industry are very costly and are not guaranteed to have effective results. Many of these cosmetic products are costly creams and lotions, and others, resort to cosmetic surgery. Just think about the cost of these things when you just have a fixed income.

Application of coconut oil on the skin

Many people resort to apply coconut oil on stretch marks which is an excellent natural remedy to reduce and eventually get rid of stretch marks. Most creams and lotions cannot penetrate deep down into the skin to remove the marks. Coconut oil is 100% natural and contains is rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals. When you apply coconut oil on stretch marks will naturally help the skin fibres to be more elastic, therefore will prevent stretch marks snail cream. Since coconut oil possesses extra healing properties far beyond any other dietary oils in the market today. Coconut oil is one of the healthiest oil ever produced for consumers. This oil is cheap and has high nutritional content. The secret is that, when a person applies coconut oil on stretch marks, the vitamin E that is in the oil repairs the damaged fibres so that it will regenerate and produce new healthy skin tissue.

The application of coconut oil on stretch marks should be every day after every bath while the skin is still moisturized so that, nutrients from the oil will penetrate deep within the epidermis layer of the skin. One should continue applying coconut oil on stretch marks for best-seen results.

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